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Is it worth it to protect the experience?

Is it worth it to protect the experience?- https://hrcompandben.eu/en/

Influence of experience on performance The phrase “there are no irreplaceable people” is generally true but the loss of a team member, in most cases, leads to a temporary decrease in the overall performance and certainly loads the other team members. To find arguments about the impact of the turnover on the sales teams results …

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HC ROI for Zagorka, 2007-2011

As part of the article on Human Capital Return on Investment here we continue the analysis of the Bulgarian brewing industry with information about Zagorka. HC ROI for Zagorka, 2007-2011 The data show much higher operating income (in green) with fluctuations and an overall downtrend. Despite this, however, even the lowest income level in 2011 …

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HC ROI for Carlsberg Bulgaria, 2007-2011

The HC ROI analysis of the key players in Bulgaria’s brewing industry continues with information about Carlsberg Bulgaria. This chart is part of the article on Human Capital Return on Investment. HC ROI  for Carlsberg Bulgaria, 2007-2011 HC ROI, Carlsberg Bulgaria, 2007 – 2011 The first thing that strikes on the chart is the steady …

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HC ROI for Bolyarka VT, 2007-2011

HC ROI for Bolyarka VT, 2007-2011 Something is definitely true in this company’s logo: A jewel in the crown. Bolyarka has the lowest sales revenues from all four companies discussed here. Remarkably, however, despite the drop, Bolyarka has its profit steadily on the rise (not shown on chart). The decrease in revenues results in decrease …

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Remuneration Management

“Remuneration Management” is my first book which is a practical guide for remuneration management in organizations. The book is a contemporary interpretation of trends in remuneration theories viewed through the lens of 15 years’ experience in the area of human resources. I wrote it with the hope to be useful to: – To the studying …

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Presentation of the book “Remuneration Management”

  Presentation of the book “Remuneration Management”, March 1, 2012, a book store Helicon Vitosha Sofia. I expect you on 1 March 2012 at 18.30 at the bookstore Helicon Vitosha Sofia.   “This book is written in clear, understandable language, supported with practical examples, based on well-established world theories and practices for remuneration management. The …

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