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Presentation of the book "Remuneration Management" І HR Comp & Ben

Presentation of the book “Remuneration Management”


"Remuneration Management", Bozhidar Kamenov

“Remuneration Management”, Bozhidar Kamenov

Presentation of the book “Remuneration Management”, March 1, 2012, a book store Helicon Vitosha Sofia.

I expect you on 1 March 2012 at 18.30 at the bookstore Helicon Vitosha Sofia.


“This book is written in clear, understandable language, supported with practical examples, based on well-established world theories and practices for remuneration management. The book will be useful to experienced and less experienced human resources specialists as well as to managers at different levels in organizations who want to have a notion of the current theories and practices in this area. What defines a manager as such is that he\she achieves the goals through other people. In this meaning all managers are human resource managers and they need to know how to manage people. This book will help them to learn how to manage one of the most sensitive areas of the organization – employee’s remuneration. Even the best remuneration policy cannot lead to any effect if it is executed in isolation apart from the other areas of human resource management.”

Tanya Boyadjieva certified human resources management consultant, author of the preface of the book.


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